How to pick up girls at college


For most males, you have spent an obscene amount of time searching for the right strategy that will get a girl to give you her attention. In high school, you came into your own a bit, developed a little more physically and built your confidence. Then came a major shift in the universe. An entire new culture of women was presented to you: the college girl.

Oh, the college girl is an elusive, alluring creature to say the least. These ladies have been through their awkward stages, know what they want and, for the most part, know how to take care of themselves. The tides have turned and these women may be the most challenging catch of your career in careening a member of the opposite sex into your direction.

So, you want to pick up girls at college? It may not be easy. The college world is more complex. There will be the occasional drunken gal at a keg party, but to pull in some seriously hot college girls, you need to learn some new tricks.

First, be creative and use your words. Plan to “accidentally” run into the girl you in which you are interested. Establish a good relationship with the girl before you ask for her number. You may even suggest a study session so you can exchange contact information. Be funny. A girl always remembers the guy who made her laugh. You may also want to ask about a book she is reading, a unique backpack she carries or possibly about her sorority. Listen. She will love the attention.

Don’t be cocky. Being overly selfish or shallow is NOT how to pick up girls at college. And speaking of how NOT to pick up girls at college, avoid becoming too good of a friend to the girl if you are truly interested. Establish that you are interested in her in a romantic way. Keep your encounters light and flirty. Be playful. Take a few risks with touching, but not in a creepy way. Perhaps, place your hand on her hand when you are in a crowded room, in order to get her attention. You may want to try to softly take her upper arm to navigate to another room if you are at a crowded party. Touch her arm when she makes a joke and laugh.

Touching someone, if done appropriately, can send the message that you are attracted. It is also a fantastic gauge to see if she is interested in you. If she doesn’t like the attention, you can easily apologize and say you meant nothing by it.

Compliment the object of your affection, but don’t go overboard. Keep things light. Make eye contact when you are talking to the college ladies and try to always leave the conversation with them wanting more. These tips are great ways to learn how to pick up girls at college. Your college years will be some of the best ones of your life.

Does it ever take even more than a minute before you spot a guy with a hot girlfriend along the streets?, how often do you walk more than two blocks away before you come across a couple making out?. We are living in a generation where hooking up with someone means everything.

You are in college, i know you are tired of playing video games all night when you could be getting laid or having a good time with a girl. Do not worry about that though because today i am going to let you know how to pick up girls at college. Do you get snubbed every time you approach a girl?, the answer is probably yes. The reason is because you are trying too hard but not doing it smart. To master the art of how to pick up girls at college you have to adhere to the following;

  1. Never show desperation.

Whenever you are engaging that girl you just bumped into in a conversation, never and i mean never show any signs of desperation. Girls sense desperation and neediness and immediately they get the idea that you have not been having success in getting laid they bolt. Just try to act like you are not too interested but show enough interest to get her into the conversation. Talking too much while she says less, asking too many questions or simply staring too much are signs of desperation.

  1. Be cool and confident.

Make sure that you act as confident and as cool as possible. This means that you should be vocal and fluent as possible. Here there is no room for tension or anxiety. You could be in the library and you have spotted this beautiful girl. Just about close up time go over to that table and say something like;”hey there, i couldn’t help but notice the new gorgeous face, you don’t come here more often, do you?” and give her a smile. The truth is, she may be a frequent member but there is no way she won’t respond nicely because she’s impressed by your courage to ambush her in that manner. See, a girl may not know you but once you are oozing with confidence you ignite some interest deep down inside her and she will want to hear more of what you have to say. This gives you a head start and a perfect platform to mould something out of it

  1. Be attractive and presentable.

You could be at a football practice and then you spot a girl watching. Simple, walk over to her and say,” i was just about to remove my shirt but i am scared someone is gonna stare at my abs, hi, i am Chris”. Being presentable is also important, get that perfect hair cut, apply the best perfume and look good.

  1. Getting the phone number.

Meeting a new girl and being able to engage her in a conversation is a good thing. However your ability to get her to sleeping with you or igniting some romance will depend on the future usually boils down to acquiring her phone number. You may have done everything according to the script but asking for the phone number is usually tricky.

This is because most girls freak out when you do that; are you a serial killer trying to stalk me?.See, you can’t just ask for it like you are asking for a favor from a friend;”could you please give me your phone number?”, no! Don’t do that. That may change every cool thing she thought about you instead do this; take your phone, open the dial pad, hand it to her and say, “hey, you are awesome and fun to be around, punch in your number so we can hang out sometime”. lt usually works.

  1. Texting Getting the phone number is just but the beginning.

The hard task usually comes afterwards; maintaining the interest she had in you is harder. You have to show some pride to make sure the interest even grows. Give her the impression that you are a busy guy by taking long to reply although makes sure to give the reason otherwise she may feel like you are just playing with her. While chatting don’t show any desperation; take almost equal time she takes to reply your text to reply hers or even more and do not text twice before she replies the first text I just dropped the biggest tips on how to pick up girls at college, what are you waiting for, go out there and fish yourself a beautiful girlfriend. You could also eventually find your way into that hot girl’s pants, something you have always dream about.

Why picking up college girls is different from picking up other girls


College girls are every man’s fantasy- they’re young, smart, vibrant and they love to party. Although they are more social than other types of women, picking up college girls may be a bit different from picking up other girls. One thing all men need to understand is that college girls love a man who has more than looks or popularity to offer. Being a quarterback isn’t going to cut it with these ladies. They judge potential mates by the friends they hang out with and how they interact with them. The most attractive member of the pack is the pack leader.

Nothing is more appealing to a woman than a man who can lead a group of other men. So for you to successfully pick up a college girl, you have to be the alpha. Unlike girls that you meet in random places, girls from college are supposed to be picked up indirectly. Instead of asking for her phone number the first time you see her, you’ll need to find something to talk about that doesn’t scream, ‘I like you’. For example, if you’re from the same class, you could engage her in a conversation relating to it- ask if you could borrow her notes or make a witty joke if you’re confident in your sense of humor.

The first impression you make with a college girl has to be short and memorable, so that there is room for a future conversation. College girls are also attracted to guys who have a sense of adventure, as compared to working girls who are probably looking to settle down. This is their time to explore and experience freedom in a way they haven’t before.

They prefer older men, who have lived longer and definitely have more experiences to share as compared to the guys in their classes. If there is nothing exciting about you, you’re probably not going to land that girl you’ve been eyeing. In addition, college girls are also more superficial than girls in other age groups. When you’re picking up a college girl, be assured that she is calculating your net worth based on your mode of transport, your dressing and where you prefer to hang out That fun-loving lifestyle needs a deep pocket to fund it Basically, if you want to successfully pick up a college girl, you’ll need to break down her defenses without boring or offending her.

Where to go for the first date with a college girl


College is the first time we leave home and learn to live independently. Dating is a huge part of college life and when meeting a potential date, the location plays a huge role. When choosing a location for your first date with a college girl make sure it’s a place where you can make a reasonable amount of conversation without struggling too much. For example, taking a college girl out to a club on a first date would be a bad idea because it will be extremely hard for you to make conversation over the loud music of the club. The objective of the first date is to get to know the college girl and understand whether you find her interesting.

Thus, it is important to have a smooth flowing conversation with her to gauge the chemistry or connection between the both of you One good place to go on a first date with a college girl would be a local cafe to have a cup of coffee. The advantage of choosing a cafe is that it isn’t as much of a commitment as having dinner together. What this means is that if you realise early on in the date that you don’t have a connection with each other; you can finish your coffee, politely say you have another commitment to attend to and leave the date with no hard feelings.

Another good choice for a first date with a college girl would be an arcade or even an amusement park. These places always have food and if you do find conversing with each other slightly difficult then just head on over to the games and rides and use them as a tool to interact with each other. Try winning her a prize toy she wants or going on the Ferris wheel to show her the view, both of these activities will bring her closer to you as she will see you as a sensitive and caring person.

The last good choice for a first date with a college girl would be a picnic at a nearby park. Make sure you choose a time which isn’t too hot in the day, bring along simple foods like sandwiches and cake and choose a scenic spot to sit at before hand. When sitting down try to sit closer to her and lean in when she talks to show interest. Bring a ball or a frisbee to play with during your date to keep the fun going. If all goes well and you decide to stay with her till late at the night; you both can lie down, stargaze, kiss and maybe plan your next date together!

How to talk to girls at college


College girls are always attracted to confident and good looking guys that make them feel secure, thus, you need tactics on how to be confident enough, it all depends on how you handle the situation, make her know you are confident without being over convinced. if you show her through your actions, the more she will be interested in you

  • Be positive in your conversations so that she may remember the best moments she had with you, avoid heavy topics like ( religion and politics) unless she starts it
  • Always put a smile on your face, it makes you look as if you are having a good moment even if you are not, this makes you look much better.
  • Be indistinct when giving answers to her questions, if she is interested she will ask you more questions and you can give her enough information to keep her guessing.
  • Every woman in the planet loves a man who put a smile on her face, female believe humorous guys are confident. getting her laugh is a sigh that she is interested in your conversation, this may help you figure out her sense of humor. if she is laughing and touching your arm or thigh, that is a sign she is interested in you
  • Be playful, kid but don’t ever lie to her, girls hate it when guys lie to them, some even have excellent methods of detecting lies, others can remember every story that you tell so next time you talk about it they can tell whether you are telling a lie.
  • Every girl believe that guys are confident if they can have a direct eye contact during a conversation, even if you are a shy guy, try and keep it for a few seconds, always look deep in to her eyes but don’t stare at her body, especially her boobs or cleavage.
  • Don’t tell her the whole part of your life story, tell her as little as possible, especially when the story is poignant she may be having a lot more problems than you do, if she needs to know more she will ask. even if she insist give her small bits because she may lose interest in you when there is no more to tell.
  • During a phone conversation (incase you get her number), try and keep it short to set up more that you can talk about when you meet again.



So you are in college or are planning to join college but are stuck on how to approach girls at college?. Lack of knowledge on how to approach girls at college can make you lead an unfulfilled college life which is among the worst feelings ever. However, this not be an issue with the following guidelines.

Confidence. The value of confidence in a guy cannot be overstated. Girls at college love to see a man with an aura of confidence in the way he talks, walks, and relates with others. Confidence assures the girls that one knows what one wants and goes ahead to get it without using underhand methods. Some college girls are known to intimidate guys either due to backgrounds or physique but with confidence a guy will brush off this intimidation and approach these girls effortlessly.

So how does one gain confidence in oneself?. First, you need to drop off those self-limiting perceptions about yourself such as failure and replace them with positive perceptions. With positive perceptions you will be assured of accomplishing anything including approaching those girls. Second, you need to address your insecurities. Ideally, everyone including the most confident guys have insecurities but choose not to dwell on them. Thirdly, you need to relate with as many people to as to address shyness issues. Addressing the above three issues will greatly boost your confidence which is vital when approaching college girls.

Relevance. You will need to verse yourself with current trends and issues as this will assure girls that you are not ignorant. College girls love a person who they can easily relate with and what a better way than to be abreast with current trends. Being up-to-date will also enable you to have meaningful conversations and as such girls will always want to be with you

Friendly. While approaching college girls you will need to be friendly as this will make them feel safe around you It will also make you easy to relate with since girls will be assured that you are aware and sensitive to their issues. Coupled with being friendly you are supposed to be cheerful. Ideally no one wants to be next to a gloomy person.

Simplicity. Simplicity assures girls that you are easy to relate with. Simplicity will enable you to be understood easily. Aim therefore at keeping conversations and carrying yourself in a simple manner.

So there you have it Embrace confidence, relevance, friendliness, and simplicity and you will be on your way to approaching all the college girls.